Five Pillar Approach to Enterprise UX Design

Whether producing software for eCommerce, Travel, Banking or Security industries UX design plays a major role, however there are many things that are overlooked when designing an enterprise app. Due to the formal and business-focused purposes they serve, most people do not expect a great user experience (UX) from enterprise apps, particularly as they would in a consumer-facing application. However, there is no reason why they should not. In fact, in many ways, they have every right to expect a superior UX and designers have fewer excuses for not getting it right.

In my own experience I’ve seen that by focusing on the utility of the product, design elements are often brought in towards the end of the development process. Especially enterprise apps inherently have a significant amount of data to manage and users of these apps are accustomed to harnessing the brainpower, rather than going along a slick experience.

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10 Things You Must Immediately Start Doing From Last Day of A/L Exam or School

If you’re a Sri Lankan and just finished your A/L Exam Read this now and craft your future. Yourself!

  1. Get your driving license
    For most Sri Lankan families buying their own car is still a distant dream, even for my poor family it was the same when I was a teenager. So I didn’t bother much about getting a license, But when I could actually afford a car I regretted the decision so much when I had to take driving classes while working full-time. Spending your time to learn how to drive a vehicle can immediately give you edge over your competition at job interviews as well as you gain a secondary form of identification as it can be used as an ID card. Also it gives you a sense of adulthood and responsibility.
    (P.S. — Try to look a little serious in the photo)
  2. Get your passport done.
    Similarly to a driving license getting your travel documents ready is very important as you will never know where in the world your next opportunity will arise. You are able to save some money on the processing fees as you can go ahead with the lower rate normal procedure and you will have your passport mailed to you in 10 working days if you submit the documents right.

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“Galle” the perfect potential start-up ecosystem for Sri Lanka.

From the “Valley” of Northern California, Tel Aviv to Bangalore, and from Singapore, Sydney to Amsterdam these are few names that are highly cited when it comes to world’s top start-up ecosystems among many other leading cities,

Many successful start-ups and multinational corporations from U.S. / Europe and Oceania are investing in millions of rupees on the talent pool that is gathered around the city of Colombo in Sri lanka and are harvesting thousands of man hours worth billions of dollars every year.

Yes! it is true that these employees are highly paid more than the average guy who works for the government or the local private sector. but are they really happy? are they too comfortable and are afraid of change? There seems to be a lack of drive and passion towards what they do.

So I started asking questions from their immediate managers.

Here is what I asked and found….

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